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Felicity & Ink - Work In Progress - Untitled Piece


The main piece i'm currently working on is this huge, A1 tropical illustration.

I actually started pencilling it out last summer but never had chance to finish it, until this summer when I dug it back out and have made it my goal once more to complete it. I've also been filming the whole process so i'll be posting a full video once i've completed it.

So far some flamingos, a zebra, an African deer and a toucan have appeared amongst tropical foliage and blooms.

The plan is to make this as bright and intricate as possible but i'm still yet to think of a name. Hopefully as the full picture emerges, one will come to mind.

Feel free to leave me some suggestions and follow more progress over on Instagram.


September #floralsyourway Felicity & Ink


Over on Instagram i've been taking part in the drawing challenge #floralsyourway. 

The challenge is to create something centred around the floral listed, every other day. I have been drawing the florals using my go to tool, a standard black fine liner.

It's been great to get back into sketching most days and drawing new florals, some of which i've never heard of before.

Flamingo & Sloth


I honestly have no idea where my inspiration for this piece came from but it's just so adorable, I really should come up with a better name for it.

Initially i had just started doodling a mandala but then the flamingo appeared on top and so the middle of that was erased then the cuddly little sloth just kinda appeared around his neck.

So pleased with the result, considering i wasn't expecting it. I filmed a time lapse of me drawing this one.. on my old iPhone, so it's not the best quality, you can watch it below.