January | Vision Board


2017 is in full swing and a fresh year is a great time for a reset and a rethink of your goals and plans.

Now, i'm not one for new years resolutions, in past years I would have thought of one or two but experience tells me I won't stick to them. To me one statement to work towards for a year is unrealistic and soon becomes daunting. Instead I prefer to break up any goals I have into monthly, weekly or daily ones to work towards something bigger.

So I have decided to start creating a monthly vision board to put together how i'm feeling, what my aim of the month is and what feels visually appealing to me at the time. Which in turn will hopefully help me create something new out of it afterwards. So lets start with January!

January, the month of new beginnings, fresh starts and new hopes.

This month for me, will be focused on my career and what I want out of it. I'm in a new city, so I want to take full advantage of that. It will also see the reboot of my health mission to lose the last of my unwanted weight and tone up.

What are your aims for January? Maybe try creating your own vision board, it doesn't have to make sense to others, as long as it does to you. Putting one together is fun too, or is that just me?